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First Zoom for VicRoads on-line Learner Permit Test

With its common-sense safety tips it leads to increased confidence, and the high likelihood of a successful test outcome.

Changing Gears’ first Zoom class using the new VicRoads online Learner Permit test was with a wonderful group from Moreland City Council’s Community Outreach program. The eleven participants were all very engaged and ready to gain their independence

Two of the group were not yet of age. However, as head trainer Linda Jane explained, the program can be completed one month prior to their sixteenth birthday. With its common-sense safety tips and mnemonics it leads to increased confidence, great practice scores and the high likelihood of a successful test outcome.

Challenges of new technology

The program was conducted via Zoom, (as so many courses have been due to COVID). Although it went well, the main difficulty was enrolling and paying for participants so they were eligible to complete the online course and test. With the hard work of Moreland teacher Lillian Dunn and her support officer, and their willingness to drive to VicRoads to sort out payments, this was achieved.

Succesful otcomes learning the essesntials principles

Completing the program in a classroom, where the group is physically together is far more interactive. Participants and facilitators come face to face allowing for more spontaneous responses and dynamic group discussions. However, this motivated group still had a great deal of fun and succeeded in mastering the Victorian Roads Code and learning the essential principles of safe driving.

All students who were able to sit the test over that and the following week, passed.

We are looking forward to a more consistent year in 2022. One where we can return to the classroom and achieve the same great results in person. Stay safe everyone.

Possibilities open up

Driving opens up so many possibilities for dissadvantaged young people, and with the Changing Gears program, those who come along have a 92% chance of success. The class all supported and inspired each other and showed the way for young people to overcome their obstacles to driving and experience success.

Click here to subscribe and find out about delivery of the Changing Gears Program.

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