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In 2012, Linda Jane was employed by Mission Australia to develop and deliver programs which would assist young disadvantaged people to obtain independence safely and legally. '

Changing Gears was established by Mission Australia in 2012. In 2016, Mission Australia ceased delivery of this program. Mission Australia has gracefully approved Linda Jane permission to deliver the program as an independent business.  Linda Jane is the Director of Janeway Pty Ltd.

Changing Gears understands the need for interactive supported learning which consistently achieves best outcomes for young people experiencing social disadvantage.  It is a 4-day classroom-based program, delivered between 4 to 10 days, It covers all aspects of the " Road to Solo Driving" Handbook.

Methods used in the program include: Class discussion, Power Point presentations, Learners workbook, games and activities, videos and online practice tests. Learners attending Changing Gears will sit the Victorian Learner Permit test at a Vic Roads office on the 4th day of delivery of the program. A key outcome for this program is to ensure that the participants understand the rules and responsibilities needed to become a safe driver.

Many organisations have clients who experience these barriers.  Changing Gears presents an opportunity for young people to be supported whilst they learn the rules and responsibilities to become a safe driver.  Successful participants are often referred on, to local L2P, Learner mentor driving programs to continue their driving journey and path to independence.  The collaboration between Not for Profit Youth organisations and Janeway Pty Ltd, shows the communities acknowledgement and acceptance of shared responsibility towards road safety.

It has been recognised that disadvantage young people, where there may be inadequate parental presence or availability of resources, need to be provided with an opportunity to learn and comprehensively understand the fundamental elements of learner driving, to keep them safe on the roads.  

Changing Gears includes


  • ‘Road to Solo Driving’ handbook


  • Interactive activities


  • Changing Gears Video’s


  • Practice tests


  • Vic Roads learner Permit tests


Who we support


We encourage agencies to have between

8 – 15 people per group.  Participants need

to be aged 15 and above.

Needs of the Community

Early road safety education has shown to produce positive driving attitudes in learner drivers, as well as developing their critical thinking. On the completion of a CGP, most students find they can start on road practice with their parents/home supervisors.


Gaining a Learners Permit through the program and being closer to getting a license, has many benefits, including:


  • Opening doors to opportunities such as independence, community participation and employment as many jobs require a driving licence.


  • Enabling people from rural and regional Victoria to access this program and gain these skills and benefits.


  • Community and social inclusion for people isolated by distance. For many this may be the first steps into gaining independence and becoming involved in social or community activities.


  • Participating in this program and learning rules and responsibilities, contributes to road safety for all road users


  • Not having to rely on public transport and the convenience of being able to go wherever and whenever required, is empowering.


  • The skill and awareness that comes from driving is applicable to many real-life situations.

Project monitoring and evaluation

The intention of the program is for participants to achieve an understanding of the need for be a safe road user and to obtain their learners permit.  Continual assessment of learning outcomes and participants feedback will contribute to the development of Changing Gears Program. 

Average of 90% Pass rate

Evidence of community engagement/partnerships to support program delivery

The effectiveness of the program is evidenced by the success rate and feedback from organisations that have engaged the program

“The Changing Gears framework is a tried and tested program with great success and outcomes, delivered by an experienced and skillful practitioner.”


—  Name, Title

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