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Farewell Angie

Angie has always been a safety focused team member

For the past year Angelina van der Horst has been part of the Changing Gears team, tirelessly working to develop admin systems and training modules and to deliver top-notch road safety training for our partner organisations. Now her contract is up she leaves us to pursue other opportunities in the training and administration fields.

Angie has always been a safety focused team member and her vast array of experience in this field has been invaluable to clients. Angie has been facilitating and training for over ten years and holds a current clean Victorian driver and taxi licence for both car and motorcycle use. As such, she has always provided high standards and practical experience to her training. As a trained first aider, Angie has also leant this reassurance to the classroom environment.

Students have learnt many important things from Angie, which is evident in their testimonials. In the words of one student, “It’s been a pleasure to learn from you Linda and Angie. You taught me so much and now I feel confident when I start driving.” Another student wrote, “Angie was a wonderful teacher,” a third wrote, “I have always been nervous about driving. The course made me feel much better about it.” Thank you, Angie!

Angie’s Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training has meant she has been a great help in keeping training presentations current and ensuring our clients receive the latest and best safe driving information. Angie was instrumental in the development of the BASE driver behaviour and Safer Vehicles training programs.

Prompt, detail oriented and thorough, Angie has always strived to bring her high standards to everything she did for our company. We thank her for her hard work and wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

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