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Elijah was on fire

Pass score - 100%

Perfect blue skies saw in the first day of Changing Gear’s January program at Njernda, Echuca. Despite significant efforts to promote the course and commitments to come from several people, only one student attended. However, Elijah was on fire from the moment he set foot in the classroom.

Challenging times

Due to issues with COVID-19, the program was held at Njernda’s alternate location; 72 Annesley Street. Head trainer Linda Jane’s assistant Nikki provided students with directions and start times to update them and help guide them to the new location.

After filling out the program registration form online, Elijah was able to jump straight into the VicRoads application form. He had also remembered to bring a copy of his birth certificate and a second form of photo ID to ensure he was eligible to sit the test on Thursday.

Head Trainer Linda Jane was pleased to see this, “We have some flexibility with a tertiary ID showing the student’s address. However, it’s important to note that all students need a birth certificate or passport and some form of secondary identification such as a Medicare, banking, or student ID card to sit the test.”

All obstacles can be overcome

Linda encouraged one student who wanted to come to the course to send away for her birth certificate and organise her ID before attending the next available program.

Striving for perfection

Elijah was a young man of few words but a great deal of conviction. He set to learning and remembering all Linda shared with determination and by the end of the day before the test had become an expert at deciphering the correct answers. Whilst doing practice tests a tiny smile graced his lips and he was sitting straight and proud in his chair, he had achieved 100% in several of his practice tests.

The day of the test dawned bright, clear and hot in Echuca. Elijah was nervous when he met Linda at the Echuca VicRoads office. He was driven by his lovely and supportive mother, Vicki who tried to reassure him that he would do well. But Elijah had his doubts, even with the 100% outcomes the day before.

VicRoads testing officer Colin Hayes ushered Elijah into the testing room, and once again, his quiet determination came to the fore. Barely twenty minutes later, he was done. And his score? You guessed it, 100%!

Special prizes

“We have a special surprise for those who get 100%,” said Colin, presenting Elijah with his results and a little present, courtesy of Vic Roads. Linda too had Vic Roads prizes for him.

Elijah’s mother, Vicki told trainer Linda that she had a daughter at home whom she’d tried to encourage to come to the program. Elijah’s sister felt she lacked the confidence to pass the test. However, we are all hoping that after seeing Elijah’s results, she’ll come along to the next program.

Trainer Linda gave the following encouragement, “This program is for people exactly like Elijah’s sister. It teaches simple, common-sense ways to remember the road rules, pass the test and drive safely. And it gives me personal satisfaction when each student of mine comes away from the program with their license.”

Possibilities open up

Driving opens up so many possibilities for disadvantaged young people, and with the Changing Gears program, those who come along have a 92% chance of success. The classes are supportive, students and trainers inspiring each other and showing the way for young people to overcome their obstacles to driving and experience success.

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