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Atticus assists at Cire

From left to right Changing Gears Facilitator Linda with Atticus and Cire Teaching Assistant Hannah.

Changing Gears facilitators Linda and Nikki and students Ajax, Angel, Echo, Ella, Fin, Laura, Llogan, Logan, Noah, Oscar, Renee, Sam and Xavier were thrilled to experience a very special treat at Cire Community School's Monbulk campus. Teachers assistant Hannah brought her golden retriever Atticus into their class.

Atticus is a hit

Atticus was a bonus for everybody. Renee and Laura were instantly in love, lying with Atticus and giving him loads of hugs. Many students, (in addition to Linda and Nikki), frequently patted the golden retriever. The classroom environment with a furry friend present was really warm and conducive to learning about safe driving.

Monday can be a rough day

Many students had a rough start to the week but by Thursday afternoon, with Atticus' help, they had really found their stride.

“My brain just wasn’t working on Monday and Tuesday,” one of the students told Linda and Nikki, “but now it’s working well.”

“ Great job! We’re so proud of you!” the facilitators encouraged their students.

Getting questions incorrect can help you learn

When students answered questions incorrectly in practice tests, Linda told them, “This is actually really good, because if you go back to your incorrect questions and repeat them, finding the correct answer, I know you will remember it in future.”

Great results on testing day

On the testing day, two of the students were too young to sit the test, (for which you must be sixteen) and one unfortunately missed the bus. However, all but one of the nine students who sat the test, passed.

Llogan achieves 100%

VicRoads Mitchum team members Disna and Kat were delighted to announce that Llogan from the Monbulk campus scored 100% on his test. They presented him with a free L plate, courtesy of VicRoads. Nikki rewarded him with a bag of pineapple lumps in addition to giving everyone else L plates.

From left to right Llogan with Changing Gears Facilitator Nikki at Mitcham VicRoads.

VicRoads Mitcham Branch Manager Melissa congratulated Llogan on his exceptional result and the entire group on their excellent behaviour.

Linda and Nikki in turn thanked Melissa for her continued support and the help of wonderful team members, Disna and Kat.

 It's a team effort

Once again, a group of happy new L platers left VicRoads ready to drive safely after a really positive experience at VicRoads. All thanks to the Changing Gears program, Cire Community School and it’s marvellous staff, our friends at VicRoads Mitcham and our furry buddy, Atticus.

From left to right back row: excited new learner permit holders Angel, Renee, Noah and Xavier, VicRoads team members Disna and Kat with successful students Axel and Llogan at VicRoads Mitcham.

From left to right front row: Changing Gears Facilitators Nikki and Linda with excited new learner permit holder Laura.

Possibilities open up

Driving opens up so many possibilities for disadvantaged young people. Classes are supportive, students and trainers inspire each other, showing the way for young people to overcome their obstacles to driving and experience success.

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