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A Valuable Program for re-engagement for young people

The Pavilion School

The Pavilion School is a campus of Charles La Trobe College P-12 and is a re-engagement school for young people seeking a return to education. It supports a diverse range of students with several complex needs including those relating to Youth Justice, Child Protection, drugs and alcohol, mental health, intellectual and/or learning difficulties and severe behaviour.

The Pavilion sought support from Changing Gears as our cohort of students are young people that need assistance and support in understanding the Vic Roads Learners manual. Changing Gears provided a program that supported our students to understand the information in clear and simple terms.

It gave students real life examples and scaffold them towards understanding more complex themes.

Working with Linda In setting up the program I found Linda to be organised, responsive and flexible. She has been exceptionally accommodating to the needs of the students and worked well with staff in managing any challenging behaviour that arose.

As a result of the program, all our students successfully passed and are now in possession of a Learners Permit. Changing Gears has hence been a very valuable program to The Pavilion. We hope to offer this program to our students on a yearly basis and would recommend other services working with at risk young people to have access to it as well.

Nicki Nelis Wellbeing Coordinator/Intake Worker

For more information go to or connect us with Facebook using The Pavilion School

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