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Solid work leads to solid results

Six out of six students passed

A group of six young people participated in the Changing Gears program put on by the Moreland City Council Youth Department the week of January 28, 2022.

A switched on group

The group was a quiet, studious one but all members participated well putting in a solid effort. They all appeared switched on and eager to learn. Each of them was ready to begin their practice driving.

After filling out the program registration form online, students were able to jump straight into the VicRoads application form. They had all also remembered to bring a copy of their birth certificates or passports and a second form of photo ID to ensure they were eligible to sit their tests on Friday.

Online changes makes things easier

Students like fifteen-year-old Abud historically would have been unable to sit the test due to his not yet being sixteen. However, because of the fact that VicRoads allows students to work through the online workbook at fifteen years and nine months, Abud was able to sit his test with the rest of the group. When he turns sixteen, VicRoads have a record of his successful result and he can simply go along to Vic Roads, show his ID’s and they will provide the licence to him then.

Great scores all round

There were plenty of nervous visits to the bathroom but this dedicated group of students needn’t have worried. They all achieved results of 88% or 91%.

As each one came through, the VicRoads Coolaroo staff kept commenting to each other, “Oh that’s a good result!”

92% success rate

“This is par for the course,” explained Head Trainer Linda Jane, “students who enrol in and complete the program have a 92% chance of success in sitting their Learner Permit test.”

Funding is available through the Department of Transport for community houses and the Changing Gears staff are ready to deliver more excellent programs in 2022-23.

Possibilities open up

Driving opens up so many possibilities for disadvantaged young people. Classes are supportive, students and trainers inspire each other, showing the way for young people to overcome their obstacles to driving and experience success.

Click here to subscribe and find out about delivery of the Changing Gears Program.

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