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Bridging the gap for the disadvantage

100% Success for Transitions to Work

Recently, 6 Brotherhood of St Lawrence students from the Transitions to Employment Program attended the Changing Gears Program and 6 passed!!

Changing Gears is an outstanding program that assists young people to gain their drivers licence in a way that speaks their language. This program offers a fun and interactive environment where each young person learns how to have a shared responsibility towards road safety and what is the best practice towards road safety.

The content is delivered in a way that bridges the gap for this disadvantage cohort and without it a number of young people would struggle to obtain their learners permit. This program means that we are able to assist young people to improve their employ-ability and opens doors to their future employment options. Across the peninsular public transport is a challenge and Changing Gears helps these young people not only take their first steps to independence but access to recognised Identification.

Skye Wanless

Practice & Coaching Team Leader, Frankston Mornington Peninsula, Transitions to Work I

For more information go to or connect us with Facebook using BrotherhoodofStLaurence

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