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The K's have it at Seymour

From left to right: excited new learner drivers Kaila, Maddie, Kylah and her mother, Teacher's Aide Kylie. Jacinta (third from right), Lucy and Shakaya.

Trainer Nikki had a pleasant drive up to Seymour on Sunday, October 23rd and was greeted by a group of enthusiastic students on Monday when she arrived at the Seymour College campus.

“Wow, the K’s have it!” she remarked as she was introduced to Jacinta, Kaila, Kylah, Lucy, Maddy and Shakaya and teacher’s aide Kylie by Assistant Principal Kristie Luckman.

Kylie returns to the team

“I remember Kylie!” Nikki enthused turning to her, “you were an amazing support last year, it’s so great to have you here again in 2023.”

The students had done some great preparation work, making sure they had a non-school email address and that they had created a VicRoads account for themselves as it had been decided that the group would complete their learner permit course and test online.

As they signed up for the learner permit test online, there were several questions. A couple of the students had medical conditions and were taking medication. Nikki helped them but also explained that if anyone had any further questions, they could visit VicRoads in Seymour to get answers and know they were proceeding correctly.

VicRoads can help with important questions

“It’s important we disclose medical conditions and medications that may affect your ability to drive on your application forms,” Nikki noted, “you can then work with VicRoads to provide any medical reports required so you are able to drive.”

Once registration was completed, she launched into the first online module, “Your driving attitude.”

A safe driving attitude is key

“It’s great to start your driving journey, but we need to ensure that you survive it!” Nikki commented, “this is done by developing a safe driving attitude.”

“My dad often drives without a seatbelt, and he goes really fast,” one of the students confided.

“Well, now you know about road safety, you might be able to talk to him about it,” Nikki reassured her, “You can mention some of the statistics you’ve learnt. Like the fact that according to the Transport Accident Commission, twenty-five percent of fatalities that occur on Victorian roads involve people who don’t buckle up. It shows you really care about him,” she added, “you want him to get home safely every day.”

The students proved to be a lively and dedicated group. Lucy provided a lot of humour razzing her friend, fifteen year old Jacinta, who attended so she knew what to do when she turned sixteen.

A proud mother-daughter moment

Kaylah was very determined and finished the online course first, passing her final test easily. It was then Nikki discovered she was actually teacher’s aide Kylie’s daughter.

“Kylie, your daughter has just passed her learner permit test,” Nikki told Kylie after which a very proud mother-daughter moment occurred.

Kylah and Shakaya show skill and community spirit

Next Kylah showed she was not only as bright as her mother, but every bit as kind by helping Jacinta with some of the online content she was having trouble with.

Shakaya was next to sit her test and passed with perfect marks also helping Jacinta with some of her course. She was quickly followed by Maddy, Kaila, and Lucy.

Everyone was thrilled at having passed and Nikki gave L plates and certificates of completion to all of them noting how proud she was of everyone. Not just for doing so well in their test but also creating a wonderful, supportive environment for each other.

A couple of the students organised to go to VicRoads Seymour that afternoon to receive their learner permits.

Assistant Principal Kristie was thrilled with the results.

Kylie, a key player in Seymour's success

“I couldn’t have done it without Kylie and yourself,” Nikki observed, “it is truly a pleasure to come to Seymour and work with you all to help your young people achieve this milestone.

“Long may it continue!” Kristie replied, “well be applying for funding from the Department of Transport and hope to run the program again next year.”

From left to right: excited new learner drivers Kaila, Maddie, Kylah and Trainer, Nikki. Jacinta (third from right), Lucy and Shakaya.

Possibilities open up

Driving opens up so many possibilities for disadvantaged young people. Classes are supportive, students and trainers inspire each other, showing the way for young people to overcome their obstacles to driving and experience success.

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