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Pavillion Preston students lit up with success

Spring showers and gloomy weather couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of Pavillion Preston students Mikayla, Osiris, Moss, Spencer, Luke, Oin, Jack and Zac. Many were early to the class and chatted as trainers Linda and Nikki set up. The group settled in nicely showing motivation and a good deal of humour.

On the second day, Shakaya joined the group, applying herself to catch up with the class. Twins Jack and Zac broke out their pink and orange Hawaiian shirts due to the first dose of sunshine in a while. The group worked hard to perfect their understanding of uncontrolled intersections, road signs and most importantly, a great driving attitude.

VicRoads can help

Some students were worried as they had dyslexia and problems looking at computer screens. “Don’t worry,” trainer Nikki said, “VicRoads supplies headphones with which you can have every question and answer read out to you. We can also request a VicRoads staff member to help explain words or questions you don’t understand.” A couple of the group requested the assisted test option, and VicRoads Carlton branch Manager Narin kindly supported this request.

Positivity on test day

The day of the test, all the students were very excited. Everyone had made the bus, even though several had worried they wouldn’t wake up in time. One by one the students took their tests and Narin came down to cheer the group on, kindly providing team members Shani and Ray to support the students who wanted that option.

Results came steadily, except for poor Spencer, for whom the computer link malfunctioned. He patiently waited and watched his classmates get their results, (including a 97% scored by Moss).

“I think I failed,” he said quietly, but VicRoads team members Leigh and Warren were great, fixing the problem and encouraging Spencer to stay positive whilst they did so. “Congratulations, you passed!” Leigh was finally able to say, and even Pavillion support staff Sean and Luke had a cheer for him as they realised everyone had passed.

The group lit up

It was one happy group of students who posed for a photo with their trainer, Nikki and VicRoads staff. Even the looming clouds could not dispel their sunny chatter as they left, lit up with their success.

Pictured from left: Proud Pavillion Preston learner drivers Mikayla, Oin, Luke, Shakaya, Jack, Zac, Osiris, Moss and Spencer with VicRoads Carlton team members Leigh (far left), Warren (middle row), Shani and Ray (second from right and right, front row) and trainer Nikki (left, front row).

Possibilities open up

Driving opens up so many possibilities for disadvantaged young people. Classes are supportive, students and trainers inspire each other, showing the way for young people to overcome their obstacles to driving and experience success.

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