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A Mission to Zoom our way to success during Covid

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Engaging young people to an online Changing Gears Program - Zoom Zoom

Mission Australia’s Youth Learning Pathways Program supports young people to increase their employability skills.

Obtaining their Learner Permit and drivers licence has been a part of their pathways plans.

Through the success of client participation and engagement with Mission Australia, over 20 young people have, participated in the Changing Gears Program, so far, and developed the knowledge and confidence to sit their Learner Permit test. Prior arrangements had been made for a program to be delivered in April 2020. However, due to the unforeseen circumstance of COVID-19, many young people were unable to partake in the Changing Gears Program and undertake the test. The added complexity to this situation, is that the Youth Learning Pathways Program will not be funded post December 2020.

Thanks to the support of Vic Roads, the Changing Gears Program was able to be delivered in December with four Zoom meetings, and the Learner Permit test booked for last Friday morning at the new Richmond Vic Roads testing site.

Normally, the test apllication process would be conducted inside the building, but we gathered as a group in the car park abiding by the Covid Safe rules. Masked when required, temperature checked and safely 1.5 metres apart.

With different social bubble complexities; we were grouped separately from the outside line of people, who were waiting for appointments. Customers, Security and Vic Roads staff, were curious about this bunch of 12 people, made up of support workers, trainers and young people.

The 6 Learners were ushered into the buidling to sit their test one at a time. The first Learner to sit her test exited the building with hands raised in the air, smiling behind the mask and with the rest of their body. Jumping for joy. Then the second, then the third.

As each Learner emerged victorious, the mood in the Covid Safe car park grew with excitement, hoping that the next would be another success. The fourth and the fifth, emerged gleefully triumphant.

As the final Learner went in to sit his test, the crowd outside was cheering him on. We all waited with eagerness.

He came out full of joy and the crowd celebrated the 100% success of the participants.

They are all ready for their 120 hours of supervised driving. – Zoom Zoom !!

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