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A great start to the year

Well, we have had our first changing Gears program for this financial year, and it was a great success.

All twelve participants passed. And with flying colours! In the 80-95% pass rate.

Yeah. So proud of them all.

A lovely group who were very attentive and committed. They asked questions, they wrote notes and they studied hard. And now we see the results.

I as the facilitator was rather happy, especially when reading some of their comments on the feedback form. (All positive by the way 😊)

o Really enjoyed this program. Thank you so much for all your help

o Thanks for helping me

o This program was great, thank you very much!!

o I have always been nervous about driving. The course made me feel much better about it!

o Angie was a wonderful teacher!

A great beginning to our new fiscal year.

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