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Changing Gears was established by Mission Australia in 2011. In 2016, Mission Australia ceased delivery of this program giving Linda Jane permission to deliver the program as an independent business. Linda Jane is the Director of Janeway Pty Ltd.

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The engagement of Linda Jane from Changing Gears evidences the best practice response to educating new road users to understand road safety behaviours.


The Changing Gears framework is a tried and tested  with great success and outcomes, delivered by  experienced and skilful facilitators.


Changing Gears is an outstanding program that assists young people to gain their drivers licence in a way that speaks their language.


This program offers a fun and interactive environment where each young person learns how to have a shared responsibility towards road safety and what is the best practice towards road safety.


 “Linda Jane, a Changing Gears trainer, has worked seamlessly with Vic Deaf support workers in creating an innovative, appropriate program, with a visual approach to classroom learning.


The most recent ‘Changing Gears’ program returned an impressive result with 100% of participants passing their Learners Permit with VicRoads. There is currently no other organisation offering this type of service to this disenfranchised group of people.…”


Linda has been exceptionally accommodating to the needs of the students and worked well with staff in managing any challenging behaviour that arose.

 As a result of the program, all our students successfully passed and are now in possession of a Learners Permit. Changing Gears has hence been a very valuable program to the Pavilion


Changing Gears staff were invited to run a pilot program with ten refugee young people. This is where our management discovered how establish this program was. It was conducted on a highly professional yet a practical scale with proper technology and rich material. 


Feedback from our client’s stated they could have never achieved it without the program..…”


Project monitoring and evaluation

The intention of the program is for participants to achieve an understanding of the need to be a safe road user and to obtain their learners permit.  Continual assessment of learning outcomes and participants feedback will contribute to the development of Changing Gears Program. 

Average of 92% Pass rate

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