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Before you read the book

The Road to Solo Handbook is what your Learners Permit test is based on.  This book can be hard to read as your mind can drift from boredom.  You become easily distracted, and lose concentration.

You don’t take in the information, which causes   great frustration

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Instead, Come to this 4 day training program
Learn about the road rules in a fun and interactive class room. 
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Learning activities:

  • Videos

  • Explained so it makes sense 

  • Easy to remember methods

  • Practical real driving

  • Lots of practice tests

  • Heaps of discussions

  • All of your questions answered

  • Includes actual test on last day

  • (you don’t have to read the book)


Every school holidays, Migrant Information Centre Eastern Melbourne (MIC) conducts the Changing Gears program for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, aiming to assist them with the process of obtaining the Victorian Learner’s permit. MIC is jointly funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and the Centre of Adult Education.   
This program supports participants each step of the way, starting from educating young people on Victorian road rules to conducting simulated practice tests and then finally taking them to the actual test at a local VicRoads customer service centre. 
Participants who successfully obtain their Learner’s permit then receive ten subsidized driving lessons and ultimately get connected to a local L2P program. 

Biak Tha Sung
Biak participated in the Changing Gears Program in 2015 and successfully obtained her Learner’s permit. This enabled Biak to proceed with getting driving lessons which eventually led to her obtaining her probationary license. To top it off, Biak bought a nice little car which has helped her secure employment.  

“I want to thank MIC for this great program! It really helped me in my life. I feel good about being able to drive and understand how to be safe.  It also helped me to get work. Thank you so much!”

~ Biak Tha Sung

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